A / V (AUDIO VIDEO) Furniture

A / V (AUDIO VIDEO) Furniture

The 80s featured on the stage of black ash, glass and chrome-AV stands and furniture that replaced the old, mostly wooden furniture. At the moment they caught the entire A / V furniture market and it seemed as if they had stayed for a while.

At this time, companies specializing in different designs of A / V furniture have influenced the world of entertainment furniture. They offered the most exquisite brands for such furniture, combining high levels of functionality and translucent appearance, with glass, steel and wood furniture that you can match and create your own view of the interior of your entertainment center. The design is such that you can create an impressive effect when sharing a room. The additional spaces offered in this furniture can accommodate your other audiovisual equipment, synchronize with your modern plasma TV or other video players.

The most remarkable audiovisual device that made its mark during the first decade of the present century is for plasma and hi-fi and audio instruments. Catering to the modern trend is furniture manufacturers design A / V furniture for plasma and hi-fi devices. Today, there are a lot of A / V furniture manufacturers around the world.

Usually audio-visual furniture can be hi-fi cabinet or AV rack. The first is intended to mix with your rooms interior and the other is a simple rack mounting pattern. The other type, however, was not originally intended for housing, but was considered more suitable for professionals or studios. But marketing experience revealed a strange syndrome. It was found that men preferred simple open shelves where the units lasted with wires on the screen and all collected dust, but the women did not like this and preferred wooden cabinets that hide all these things in sight.

Audio-visual furniture can be custom made or shelf. Custom-made furniture gives the customer exactly what he wants. Most custom-made furniture is also unique because the design feature of two custom-made furniture is rarely identical. These are custom-made, with a design that matches the interior of your room.

Demand for A / V furniture was recognized long ago in 1988. Companies began to present exquisite contemporary designs that accommodate different types of home-based equipment. So much that it found its place in the home with its sate-of-art studio furniture.

Todays A / V furniture is designed with three different materials, such as metal, wood and glass. The metal parts are treated with high impact force, scratch resistance, powder coated finish. The shelves are made of glass, poured onto a mercury bed, giving a spotless surface and a smooth surface. The edges on which these glass sleeves stand is polished to the highest quality, providing a quality product of all terms.

The A / V furniture available today is much more than your basic furniture. The furniture is stylish and differs from any customized products or something youve seen so far, hosting the high-tech equipment it holds. Companies that manufacture these products offer them in a palette of colors, to match all the decorations in your amusement place. These are so flexible that you can access the components from any side of the furniture so you can connect the cable connections. When you buy such furniture, it will come to you in modules, which can be easily mounted using the manual that comes with the delivery.

There are so many varieties of A / V furniture offered today that when you find the one you want, you will never think twice before placing your audio-visual equipment on the stand. The robust furniture, yet so stylish, has heavy gauge, large metal cross-section, quality welded, which gives the appearance of extremely rigid frameworks, which protects your expensive equipment perfectly. The quality of the furniture is such that even if you are not a fan of glass boards, you will be tempted by the massive 3/4 inch glass bowls, which have spotless finish that can hold your equipment.

Why buy such A / V furniture? The products provide you with quality and a guarantee to improve the aesthetics of your home theater décor. You have so many options to choose from. You can get that made with a combination of metal with hardened safety glass bowls or go in for the exquisitely sold wood with even high quality glass glasses.

It presents an element of strength and architecture with quality and finish, with colors that match all the decorations you have in mind. It is an excellent example of modern furniture design with state-of-the-art technology, with accentuated originality in design, versatility and appearance, with a high degree of functionality.

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